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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pinellas Park Art Society Tent, Country in the Park

Pinellas Park Art Society Tent, Country in the Park - Richard Jansen, of the Pinellas Park Art Society, mans the society's tent at Pinellas Park's (Fla.) annual Country in the Park, March 2012.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Morning Sunshine Through Trees

Morning Sunshine Through Trees - This can be seen on my website, Robin Shwedo Productions. It can be purchased in different sizes, using the prices found here. Also, there is one 20 X 30 inch framed photo of this, along with two other 20 X 30 inch framed photos (one of Looking for Breakfast, which won first place at one of Pinellas Park Art Society's art show; the other is Anhinga, Showing Off - the last photo in this series). Any of the three framed photos (seen here) can be purchased for $500 each. (Mention "I saw this on A Year (or more) of Photos" and the price drops to $475!)

Remember: buying art from a living artist is a lot cooler than buying from one who is long-since-gone. Your purchase is greatly appreciated, and helps supports artists!